Monday, May 10, 2010

A Science class post

The Big Bang
The text states about 14 billion years ago the Big bang occurred. It says and I quote “An INCOMPREHENSIBLY large explosion that sent all matter of the universe flying outward at incredible speeds. In time, the debris from this explosion, which was almost entirely hydrogen and helium, began to cool and condense into the first stars and galaxies” (Tarbuck, 4). So if in fact the Big Bang was so INCOMPREHENSIBLE, then why are we forced to comprehend it?

• 14 billions years ago - the Big Bang occurred
• 10 billion years ago - Stars were created
• 5 billion years ago – Sun was created
• 4.5 billion years ago - the Earth was created from molten form
• 3.8 billions years ago – the First oceans

The Creation from God’s Word – Genesis 1-2:7
The creation story in the Bible, is a beautiful account found in Genesis chapter 1 through chapter 2 verse 7. This does not seem too difficult to understand, or incomprehensible. A Creator (something bigger and more powerful than us) created everything we see and don’t see (to the tiniest detail).

• Roughly 6,000 years ago
• Day 1,2 - Water covered the Earth
• Day 3 - Dry land and plants
• Day 4 - Sun, Moon & Stars
• Day 5 - Sea and flying creatures
• Day 6 - Land animals and Man

I said this a few weeks ago, that I have an interesting perspective on the creation of Earth. I believe there could have been a big bang. But I believe the big bang came from my Big God’s mouth, the Creator of all things, when he said, "Let there be Light!" BANG~ something happened in that moment. When the Creator speaks the whole Earth trembles!

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Greg Wukasch said...

Amen. Agree with you!!

Greg Wukasch said...

Actually, amen, agree with God!

Cullen said...

Amen! Love it!