Thursday, March 19, 2009

What do you call yourself? and Why?

Read this article, tell me your thoughts. The article from newsweek is entitled, "A Christian by Any Other Name"

What are you? and, Why are you what you say you are?

P.S. My thoughts are...

The reason I choose the term "Follow of Christ," is because many claim to be Christians by just belief, where as I attempt to follow Christ in all aspects of my life. It says in the Bible in James 2:19, that even the demons believe that there is a God. So my point is, belief alone although good, is not enough to be a Jesus Freak. Do you completely rely on Him, or do you only rely on him when it is convienent? Even the demons know that there is a God. The demons aren't serving God, are you?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Michael Tait (DC Talk) + Newsboys + ATF (Aquire the Fire) = great times!

Two of my favorite childhood bands DC Talk and the Newsboys have joined together with Teen Mania Ministries (which I also have ties with) to produce quite a worship experience on the Battle Cry tour. Teens lives are forever being changed in Christ's name! Looking forward to see this play out the rest of the year!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This is my friends piano rendition of "Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot. Here are his comments: "My Piano arrangement of "Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot. I did this by ear. Hope you like it, I don't know if my stuff will stand out from all the others on here, but I'm putting it up anyways. Please comment, question, suggest, share, or favorite my video!! God Bless!"

What an amazing talent, and God uses him in so many areas. I am so proud to have gottent to know him more on Chrysalis Boys Flight #16 at Inspiration Hills! Good stuff man, keep it coming!