Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When No Referee Is Watching...

This is a great post by Mark Beeson. Thanks Bud for sending this to me.

Last Friday I took my camera to a local High School football game. A couple of friends have sons playing for the Clay Colonials. LaPhonso's son is blocking so Rod's son can pass the ball. The ref is poised and watching, ready to throw the flag on any infraction. Depending on the school, it takes four, five or six referees to enforce the game's regulations.

How many refs do you need to keep you from breaking the rules?

Maybe today is a good day for a gut-check. Maybe it's time to ask the questions, "Do I keep the rules only when the refs are watching? Is the real reason I stay inside the boundaries because I can't step over the lines without getting caught? Will I cheat if no one is watching?"

I wonder who is ultimately responsible for how I play the game?

If I cheat, is it my fault I'm removed from the game? Or can I blame the ref for throwing the flag? Do I blame myself for losing government funding, or the people who video-taped me encouraging tax-evasion and child-prostitution? On whom do I pin the responsibility for my disqualification? Is it the whistle-blower's fault, or am I accountable for my actions? Did I lose my license because of "that stupid cop," or because I was driving drunk?

Maybe it's time to own up and accept responsibility.

In the secret moments, when no one else is watching, there are no referees to keep us from cheating. There are no refs behind closed doors. No referees will force you to keep your marriage vows. There aren't any refs watching over your finances, your forays across the internet or where you put your hands on your boyfriend.

You make the call.

There is no one to throw the flag on your behavior but you. You are responsible for you. So accept responsibility, reject passivity and do the next right thing. No shortcuts. No cheating. No broken promises. No secret sins. If you need God's help, accept it. Your future hangs in the balance...and one day, whether the refs caught us and threw the flag or not, we're all going to be exposed. We'll be judged - every single one of us.

There are no secrets. God is not mocked.

In the end, no one gets away with anything.

Psalms 82:7-8 - In death you are mere men. You will fall as any prince—for all must die. Stand up, O God, and judge the earth. For all of it belongs to you. All nations are in your hands.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The introduction of Jesus by Steve Harvey

How would you introduce the Lord of Lords? I was pleasantly shocked hearing this come form Steve Harvey, but it was pretty good nonetheless. Thanks Jeff Selph for the link.